Activities for groups

The magnificent and rugged nature of the North offers countless opportunities for both experienced nature lovers as well as those visiting Lapland for the first time. Below you’ll find some examples of the activities we can arrange for your group in co-operation with our trusted partners.
We are happy to hear your special interest, let us know so we can tailor made activities according to your wishes !

Winter Driving

Experience thrilling speed by driving in winter conditions! We arrange vehicle testing and driving events in Arctic conditions.

Spend an exciting motorsport day in beautiful, snowy landscapes of Lapland. Try out high-quality rally cars, ATVs, go-karts, snowmobiles…

Meet the Arctic Animals

Arctic animals create a part of Lappish exoticism. Meet fluffy huskies, reindeer and even a polar bear on our arctic animal excursions!

We offer several husky and reindeer safaris, and excursions to Ranua Wildlife Park, one of the northernmost zoos in the world.

Snowmobile Safaris

In the mood for a fast-paced adventure across frozen rivers and rugged hilltops, with beautiful views over Lappish wilderness?

Hop on a snowmobile and combine a peaceful nature experience with other unforgettable activities, like ice fishing or a visit to Santa Claus Village, Amethyst Mine or Snow Hotel.

Private Dining and Sauna Experiences

Enjoy Nordic flavors at the most special venues in Lapland; we arrange special dining experiences for groups. Dine around campfire or at a restaurant made of ice, for instance.

Besides unforgettable dining experiences, you can book a private sauna excursion through us and get to know the traditional Finnish sauna culture.


Fun in the snow

Enjoy snow the way you like! Our selection of snow activities offer pleasure for both adrenaline junkies and easy-going vacationers.

Experience funny and thrilling moments at powdery slopes, or empty your mind by skiing in quiet forests like the locals do. Fatbiking, snowshoeing or winter tobogganing are outdoor activities worth trying.

Team Spirit Programs

Try out the team spirit of your group! Playful competitions and tasks requiring ability to cooperate will bring your group closer than ever.

Team building program could include winter activities, igloo building or practicing survival skills, for example.

Experience Aurora Borealis

Head towards the lightness of Arctic nights on our Aurora tours, and witness one of the nature’s most incredible phenomena with your own eyes.

Learn to capture the magic of Northern night skies with guidance of experienced photographers, or search the lights by a snowmobile or snowshoes, for instance.

We also arrange accommodation in glass igloos, which allows you to observe the night sky from the cosiness of your own bed.

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